BEIT (Brand Elevation Integration Team)

Introducing BEIT (TM) a service of Kevin Tracey Consultants

What’s BEIT?  – “Brand Elevation Integration Team(TM)”

Many companies struggle with bringing their brand to life in the every day tasks performed by employees.  For example, when a customer service person at a bank opens a new account with a  customer, how can the actions of that employee, and steps they take, bring the brand essence to the customer? Anytime there is interaction between two or more people, there is a opportunity to elevate the brand in the customer’s mind. But first, the employee must truly understand what the brand stands for, what it’s singular distinction is, and how to integrate these brand values into the interaction.

There are many customer service models that define steps that need to be taken to ensure the best customer experience. But BEIT (TM) goes further by insuring that the brand message is embedded in the experience as well. I believe that great customer service keeps you in the game, but won’t get you into the end zone.  A clear and true brand experience along with great customer service will.

Kevin Tracey Consultants have a proven methodology that integrates a customer service model with a stakeholder brand essence understanding to provide the best customer experience with brand messaging reinforcement. To learn more, contact or call 603-494-9700.

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