5 Tips to Improve the Way You Market on YouTube

Keeping up with marketing trends is one essential way to help build your business. Developing practical methodologies to be more competitive in your industry is paramount. YouTube has been a major platform helping businesses grow for several years now. This media outlet is now estimated to have even greater future growth in the world of social media marketing. Over 65% of marketers claim they will increase YouTube usage throughout 2014. With YouTube’s surge in population, companies may be able to take advantage of this medium to help market their products and services. Although creating a YouTube video may seem daunting, there are a few tricks of the trade that will lead your company to success. With the right production, YouTube has potential to lead your company to prospective clients, customers, increased revenue, and much more.
Let us introduce to you 5 tips that will improve the way your business effectively uses YouTube:

1. Keep it Short!

No one likes a long, boring video. The average person will only watch 1-2 minutes of a video before they move on to other things on the Internet. Keep your video short, snappy, and to the point. It will help you receive more likes, shares, and comments.

2. Use Your Voice

Talk about key ideas, and use words your industry can relate to. Being unique, and showing your companies singular distinction is essential. YouTube will transcribe the dialogue in your video, and in return it will use that information to decide where your video pops up.

3. Cross-Post Your YouTube Videos

This means posting your video to more than one online location. Use all forms of social media, by sharing the video on all of your social media outlets. This way you attract more viewers and increase their time spent viewing your material.

4. Create the Perfect Title

Optimize titles, descriptions, and keywords of your YouTube video so it will appear when viewers use the search engine. Finding keywords is a process and using tools like Google’s “AdWords” can help identify what people are searching for around the keyword niche that your video inhabits. It may take some time to experiment and evaluate how different keywords impact the overall marketing performance. However, it is worthwhile because you want your targeted searchers to be able to reach you in a very chaotic and competitive marketplace.

5. Answer Questions for your Target Users
People love to be entertained and informed. Choose content that your target market can relate to, has an interest in, or wants to know more about.

Use of these five simple tips will better the odds to engage your target audience. Whether you are a first time user, or a veteran, YouTube is a growing tool that can help market your company. For over 25 years, Tracey Communications has helped companies tell their stories and build singular distinction. Learn more about success stories at our YouTube channel here

Written by: Kaila Barry

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