Marketing is a powerful tool that can bring awareness and hope for businesses fighting for people in unfortunate situations. The ad agency JWT joined Warner Bros.’ D.C. Comics and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil, to create an ad campaign (causal marketing) to rebrand chemotherapy at a childcare center as “Superformula.” The idea behind the campaign is to help children who must undergo the chemotherapy process acquire a different perception of what will occur during treatment. Rather than labeling the treatment Chemotherapy, which may sound confusing and daunting to an innocent child, JWT designed IV Covers, both of which have the insignia of a favorite superhero, hereby disguising the traditional medicine as “Superformula.”

The children also have an opportunity to see their favorite superheroes undergoing the same chemotherapy treatment through the use of visual cartoons created by D.C. Comics. This allows the children to be less frightened of chemotherapy because those who they admire including, Superman (perfect ad positioning with the latest DC movie in theaters over the weekend), Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, are shown going through similar experiences as their own. The comics provide the children with knowledge of chemotherapy in a way that is simple for them to understand. With the help of JWT’s advertising, the childcare center is helping children realize that they truly are like the superheroes depicted in comics and the big screen.

As advertisers, we can take an important lesson from JWT’s ad campaign. Advertising is NOT just a tool to raise money for the ad agency and business themselves. It is also effective in generating mass awareness of important issues. One of Tracey Communications most powerful campaigns was done for a nonprofit – the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester, NH. The campaigns were produced as videos that told real-life stories about kids who benefited from the club’s work. Those videos are used to show prospective donors first-person accounts of the struggles and eventual victories children had over adversity. Due to Tracey Communications’ ad campaign for The Boys and Girls Club, the club raised millions of dollars and created a true awareness of the essence of the clubs work. Jen’s story:


Disclaimer: this blog is authored by Tracey Communications summer associate Megan McMahon.

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