Integrating Your Brand Into Customer Service

Developing your brand positioning and strategy is only part of the branding equation. Many companies spend huge amounts of time and effort identifying the essence of their brand. Defining “who you are , what you stand for, and what makes you different,” is extremely important, but this exercise should be only the beginning of a complete branding initiative.

Every interaction between a customer, or prospect, by any stakeholder in your organization can make people feel better about your brand, worse about your brand, or just differently about your brand. Therefore integration of the brand’s essence into every task performed within in your organization becomes vital to your success. This is even more important in service organizations because your employees’ actions influence  brand perceptions more than anything else.

I have been fortunate to attend the Disney Institute’s business program “Leading and Sustaining a Service Culture.” Disney is one of the companies that has been successful in fully integrating their brand values into everyday tasks performed by their “cast.” Disney’s service theme, based on their brand promise, makes it clear to all employees what the service goal is.  Then, through the implementation of service standards, criteria are created and implemented into all actions of “cast” members.   This gives everyone the tools needed to know what is important and how their performance will be measured.

I believe that brand integration is the most important part of a branding initiative. If you fail to integrate your brand essence into the day-to-day tasks of your team,  you miss the biggest opportunity to give real meaning to your brand.

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