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TRACEY COMMUNICATIONS TC Partnering with banks and credit unions since 1991 Whatdoesittaketohaveextraordinaryadvertising Ittakescreativity.Ittakesexperience.Ittakesempathy. It takes vision. It takes imagination. It takes a God- given sense of knowing the difference between whats good and whats great and never settling for good. It takes innovation. But most of all it takes courage. Tracey Communications TC has one of the longest track records of success in bank and credit union marketing in the United States. TC is known for creating strategic awareness enhancing perceptions of quality and identifying value propositions that resonate with our clients target audiences. We have developed a system known as Brandworth. The system has been designed to maximize communication investments and minimize or eliminate waste. We look forward to meeting you to discuss mutual opportunities for collaboration. Introduction We maximize communication investments and minimize or eliminate waste. Capabilities Approach to Service and Experience Working with Financial Services Tracey Communications is recognized as one of the leading bank credit union marketing firms in the country. Its principal Kevin Tracey has been working with community banks and credit unions for over 25 years. Two years ago Kevin Traceys former company was named One of the best bank marketing firms in the United States by Banker and Tradesman. Kevin Tracey along with other colleagueswrotethebookonmarketingforcommunitybanking. Our book Branding and Integrated Marketing was part of a series from the American Community Bankers Association called Bank Marketing 1-2-3 The Practical Handbook for Community Banker. TC clients have ranged from 250 million assets Sub-chapter S Banks small to medium-sized credit unions to multi-billion dollar stock banks located in different regions of the country. The firms work has been recognized by financial marketing organizations throughout the United States and has received many best in category advertising awards over the years. More importantly our strategic advice and guidance have enabled our clients to grow. Our counsel has proven even more valuable as financial institutions face the challenges of the current environment. Our experience also includes working with the Massachusetts Bankers Association to create the countrys first Surcharge-Free Automatic Teller Machine Network SUM that is now run by NYCE. One of the best bank marketing firms in the United States. - Banker and Tradesman Current and Former Clients ART PRODUCTION NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES ANNUAL REPORTS BROCHURES WEBSITES FLYERS POINT OF PURCHASE POP PACKAGING NEWSLETTERS LOGO DEVELOPMENT AND CORPORATE IDENTITY PROGRAMS. BRAND STRATEGY POSITIONING MISSION-VISION-POSITIONING STATEMENT DEVELOPMENT. POWER BRANDING ROUND TABLES MASTER MARKETING PLANS BRAND MERGERS AND NAMING. FILM VIDEO PRODUCTION TELEVISION COMMERCIALS TRADE VIDEOS CORPORATE INTRODUCTION VIDEOS TELEVISION SHOW PRODUCTION VIDEO BLOGS AND WEB VIDEOS. MARKET RESEARCH QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH THAT INCLUDES CONSUMER ON-LINE AND OFF- LINE RESEARCH FOCUS GROUPS STRATEGIC ACCURACY TESTING AND INTERCEPT SURVEYS. AUDIO PRODUCTION RADIO ADVERTISEMENTS MUSIC IDENTIFICATION PACKAGES JINGLES STATION IDENTIFICATION AND NEWS PACKAGES ON-HOLD MESSAGING AND AUDIO BLOGS. MULTI-MEDIA SHOW PRODUCTION CORPORATE PRODUCT LAUNCHES ANNUAL MEETINGS AND EMPLOYEE FUNCTIONS. DIGITAL MARKETING WEBSITE DESIGN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO SOCIAL MEDIA SITUATION ANALYSIS AND STRATEGYSOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT CONTENT CREATION DATABASE MARKETINGEMAIL MOBILE DISPLAY ADS TARGETED ONLINE ADVERTISING AND REGULAR ANALYTIC REPORTING. What We Do Kevin Tracey Companies LLC DBA Tracey Communications is registered as a private New Hampshire Limited Liability Company. TC opened for business on November 2009. Prior to that date Kevin Tracey co-owned an advertising agency with more than 27 million dollars in annual capitalized billings. After more than twenty-five years in the communications business Tracey formed a company that focuses on helping businesses develop their brands into power brands. He is using his decades of experience as a brand strategist lecturer keynote speaker author and business television host to help financial institutions garner increased market share build strategic awareness and form singular distinctions that distinguish them from their competition. Tracey started Tracey Communications in order to provide strategic communications to companies that need the expertise of a veteran of the industry who will work directly with you rather than delegating your account supervision to less experienced staff. He has provided strategic and creative services to banks from Maine to Hawaii and they have enjoyed unprecedented brand equity and revenue growth while partnered with Kevin and TC. TCs marketing expertise in financial services has garnered the firm a national reputation for strategic thinking and creative excellence. The firm has not only helped its clients win scores of creative awards but also has earned itself recognition from the American Bankers Association. TC works with clients to uncover the promises of the brand and meld thosepromiseswiththeprioritiesofthemarketplacebyusingproprietary processes developed by the firm. These processes include Strategic Accuracy Testing and Power Branding Roundtables integral parts of our overall strategic approach to achieve our clients goals. Our staff employs these methods to form a basis for creative recommendations. Ownership History and Core Competencies We help increase market share build strategic awareness and form singular distinctions. Our Founder Kevin Tracey has been actively involved in the communications and marketing industries for over 25 years. His experience includes brand development product promotion television and radio production and programming and marketing personal and corporate aircraft. He is the former vice president of worldwide marketing and assistant to the chairman of the board of Piper Aircraft Corporation. Kevin has also owned several companies including recording studios television shows creative consulting companies and presently manages Kevin Tracey Companies LLC. Kevin has been nominated for ten New England Emmy Awards and has received Best of Broadcasting awards from the New England Broadcasting Association. In addition the advertising communities of Massachusetts Maine and New Hampshire have awarded him numerous honors for creative excellence. He also holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilots license with singlemulti-engine instrument instructors ratings. Kevin has served on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester NH and served on the Board of Overseers at the Boston Conservatory. Kevins branding strategies consulting background and experience include Speaking on branding to the International Association of Conference Centers Conference an annual gathering of international conference center directors and hotel operators. Serving as a session presenter on Building Your Brand at the New England Society of Healthcare Communicators Fall Institute on Presenting brand strategies concepts and tactics at the biannual Win meeting of the Agency Management Roundtable a group of high- performance advertising and marketing executives from around the country. Speaking on brand strategy at the Americas Community Bankers National Convention Market Expo Directors Forum. Speaking on advertising and creativity at the Americas Community Bankers National Sales Marketing Conference. Speaking on brand equity case study at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference. Speaking on building brand equity at ABA Marketing Network New England Conference. Speaking on social media at the 2009 fall conference of the Bank CEO Network an annual gathering of the presidents of the top performing banks in the United States. Speaking on Marketing to Women at the 2006 ACB National Sales Marketing Conference. Pursuing studies in the Brand Strategy program at Stanford University with Peter Farquhar professor of management at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management Claremont Graduate University. Completing graduate studies in strategic marketing and branding at Harvard under David A. Shore noted national healthcare branding authority associate director Center for Continuing Professional Education at the Harvard University School of Public Health. Publishing articles on branding issues in various publications including those of the Bank Marketing Association. Co-author Bank Marketing 1-2-3 The Practical Handbook for Community Bankers Unit-Four. Serving as a guest lecturer Strategic Marketing and Brand Strategies Harvard University Cambridge Massachusetts. Kevin Tracey Conference speaker author guest lecturer. Our Partnership with You Dedicated to the success of our clients experience counts. The people at TC are a very smart creative and competitive group. We take our clients success very seriously. But its our sincere belief that our firm and the outstanding professionals that manage it are uniquely suited to partner with community banks because of the level and scope of our experience. Experience counts. We have a deep background in all areas of Financial Services Marketing and Communication. We have proprietary products and processes that have been proven to give clients big advantages in the marketplace. In todays environment every advantage is important. The reason that most banks ask for proposals from a number of companies is that they want to engage with the one company that will bring the best chance of success. That is why we have gone through the process of developing systems and methods that bring our clients the outcome they desire. The good news is that our process works And we have the client testimonials to support it. TC delivers value and dedicatesitself to the success of our clients. Our companyoffers a complete suite of services from research and brand strategies to best-in-category creative executions. OBJECTIVE Change the perception of the target market fromthatofanolderslowerfinancialinstitution to a vibrant young caring and smart financial organization that was excited to help its customers with all of their financial product and service needs. Communicate to the internal audience that the result of their hard work was a new high profile communication plan designed around them. Increase net interest income deposit growth commercial loan growth overall loan growth fee income and fee from insurance services. Case Study Berkshire Bank TRADE AD PROMOTING RESULTS IM SO EXCITED COMMERCIALS.PRINT ADVERTISING BILLBOARD ADVERTISING Berkshire bank bought the rights to The Pointer Sisters Im So Excited music and lyric. This song is one of the most sought-after pieces of music in history. The music was synchronized with new television and radio for retail mortgage and commercial lines of business. Point of purchase outdoor and newspaper were developed using actual employees of the bank as the focal point of the ads. Berkshire Bank Results Results One quarter after launch Net income rose 4 Deposits grew 7 Commercial loans increased 12 Overall loan growth increased 7 Fee income increased 21 Overall net revenue increased 25 OBJECTIVE Drive small business loan volume and establish Bank of New Hampshire as the bank of choice for small businesses throughout the state. STRATEGY Create an integrated campaign melding both internal and external communications that clearly brands Bank of New Hampshire as a knowledgeable responsive and value-add- ed source for small business loans and other business-criti- cal products and services. Provide brand managers with marketing and promotional materials along with training support and inventive to sell manage and service small business loan customers. TACTICS After extensive research in the marketplace the program was named Small Business Solutions and branded as a pow- erful source for everything a small business needs to suc- ceed. A Small Business Solutions logo was designed. A Selling Guide was created to arm branch managers with the tools to help them close sales and a complete package of premium direct marketing item was designed to increase awareness of the program. Other materials created to raise awareness and drive sales include letterhead presentation folder sales brochure added-value package thank-you closed loan package postcard series for qualified prospects print advertising and direct mail. Case Study Bank of New Hampshire Bank of New Hampshire Results Results As published in American Banker 324 percent increase by dollar volume of 250000-and-under business loans in a three-month period after the campaign launch over the preceding ten months. OBJECTIVE To identify the best target market to promote primarily green tea. To implement a national strategy in print and radio. To garner more share in the national specialty tea market. STRATEGY Through its proprietary service of Strategic Accuracy Testing TC identified key featurebenefits that resonated with target audiences. We also identified men as the most opportunity for new market share. CREATIVE EXECUTION Look Whos Drinking Bigelow Tea Now Recruited male celebrities to promote Bigelow Green Tea Created advertisements that targeted specific magazines that were read primarily by male audiences Encouraged personal endorsements of radio hosts to personalize the use of the brand Case Study Bigelow Tea PRINT ADVERTISING Bigelow Tea Results Results Bigelows national unit share of Green Tea went from 13.9 share in fiscal year 2003 to 25 in fiscal year 2016. This gain in share is unheard of in the beverage category. Bigelows Brand Development Index BDI the percentage of business in market indexed to the percentage of population av- erage 100 Fiscal year 2001 was 90 and 116 in year 2016. The Bigelow brand has been the 1 Specialty Tea brand in the United States for the last 2 years and enjoys a 6 share point lead over the 2 brand Bigelow is 1 in 44 out of 49 Nielson regions. Bigelow Green Tea is now the 1 green tea in the United States. Bigelow Tea and Bigelow Green Tea are 1 in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast Regions from Washington DC to New England and are growing by 18. In New York and Boston the largest Specialty Tea markets in the United States Bigelow Tea and Bigelow Green Tea are 1 and growing by 30. Professional References W. Carlisle Mabrey III President and CEO Mabrey Bank 14821 S. Memorial Drive P.O. Box 130 Bixby OK 74008 918 366-1401 Samantha Pause Senior Vice President Mascoma Savings Bank 607 North Park Street Lebnon NH 03766 603 443-8643 Julia Mobley Chairman of the Board Commercial National Bank P.O. Box 1998 Texarkana USA 75504-1998 870 7733-4561 x223 TRACEY COMMUNICATIONS TC 1001 Elm Street Manchester NH 03101 Phone 603-647-7777