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Should Financial Institutions Get Emotional?

What is the real motivation for people to choose one bank over another? All of my research over the past 25 years has shown that consumers choose banks for convenience and service. Most community banks claim great service, and some,

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My Fresh Look at Social Media for Financial Institutions

A couple of years ago I had the privilege of speaking at the Bank CEO meeting in San Antonio Texas on the subject of social media for financial institutions. The title of my presentation was Social Media – “The train

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What’s in a Name?

According to the FDIC, between January 1, 2010 and June 15, 2011 271 banks changed their names. Actually, banks change their names more than most industries. Usually it is a result of a merger or the fact that their name

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Cold Calling Is Not Dead

Whatever business you’re in, nothing happens until the sale is made. Getting in front of prospects is more difficult in a society that is becoming increasingly digital. According to Nigel Edelshain, on his Selling ITsite, research indicates that an executive will

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Let’s Get Rid Of The VIPs

According to Dictionary.Com, a VIP is a very important person, a dignitary, a high muck amuck.  Wikipedia defines it as a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status or importance.  I define it as arrogant.

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Use Interns Effectively For Your Companies’ Social Media Initiatives

With the boom of social media communication in recent years, many companies have concluded that they must get involved.  Some hire professionals to help them take their first step into this exciting new world of communication, but many have delegated

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Integrating Your Brand Into Customer Service

Developing your brand positioning and strategy is only part of the branding equation. Many companies spend huge amounts of time and effort identifying the essence of their brand. Defining “who you are , what you stand for, and what makes you

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Welcome to my Website

Hope you enjoy my website As the Kevin Tracey brand evolves, I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on my posts. I look forward to hearing from you.   Kevin

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BEIT (Brand Elevation Integration Team)

Introducing BEIT (TM) a service of Kevin Tracey Consultants What’s BEIT?  – “Brand Elevation Integration Team(TM)” Many companies struggle with bringing their brand to life in the every day tasks performed by employees.  For example, when a customer service person at

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Ten Commandments for Marketing to Women

1. Thou shalt make her comfortable 2. Thou shalt build her trust 3. Thou shalt respect her 4. Thou shalt learn about her decision process 5. Thou shalt aid her discovery 6. Thou shalt offer real, relevant solutions 7. Thou

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